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Nest Connect

Artisan is far from niche! More than 400 artisan businesses are logging online with Nest in real-time to access exciting growth opportunities via Nest Connect, a complimentary program for the Nest Guild community.

Building Bridges With Tech

Bridging gaps in language, distance, and opposite time zones, Nest Connect supports the Guild with a custom suite of technology-embedded learning tools and pro-bono consulting designed to address the most common needs voiced by the artisan community.

Innovation Hub

Nest Connect is mobilizing the Guild with new opportunities for learning, collaboration, and growth.

  • Expert-led Industry Webinars
  • Personalized Phone Consultations
  • Downloadable Resource Guides
  • Intensive Mentorship Projects With Professional Fellows

Increasing Market Access

Nest Connects includes access to Nest Sourcing, helping Nest Guild businesses bring their products and techniques to market.

Nest Sourcing