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Nest Guild

One Handworker Community, United

The Nest Guild is a global network of more than 1,500+ artisan small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) based in over 100 countries around the world, impacting an estimated 1MM individuals. While employing artisans practicing diverse crafts from shibori dying to hand reed weaving, Guild members are unified in their common goals for business growth and social improvement in their local communities.

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Guild membership is open-access and free of charge, regardless of geographic location or craft specialization.

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Programs Driving Artisan Impact

As a Nest Guild member, you will gain complimentary access to tools, resources, and mentorship aimed at helping you to grow and develop your business while achieving social objectives within your community.

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In Their Words

Guild Snapshot

Since 2006, Nest has been working alongside artisan businesses to further goals for innovation, growth, and increased worker opportunity. Nest’s completed in-depth projects continue to drive significant artisan business growth over time.

Producing Across Diverse Product Categories

A Majority Are Exporting

Social Commitment Is Strong

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