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Brand and Corporate Partnership

Nest is bridging the gap between global craftspeople and responsible brands to build a more human industry.

Programs for Partners

Nest Standards and Seal for Homes and Small Workshops

The Nest Standards for Homes and Small Workshops and Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft work together to ensure industry-wide transparency and compliance for production taking place beyond the four-walled factory.

Professional Fellowship Program

Your employees can be agents for artisan sector innovation. Nest partners with mission-aligned corporations and foundations to curate meaningful skill-based volunteer programs that match your employees with artisan businesses to address targeted needs.

Nest Sourcing

Enrich your collections with heritage handmade techniques sourced responsibly from around the world. Nest matches craftspeople and designers directly, ensuring transparency, sustainability, and stunning collaborations.

More Ways to Partner With Nest

Consumer Engagement

As consumer demand for transparency and authenticity grows, connect your consumers to the people and places behind their purchases while empowering them to give back.

Though donations at register, limited edition gifts that give back, and educational cause campaigns, Nest can help your consumers directly link their actions to positive change for the global craft sector, the second largest employer of women in emerging economies.

Artisan In-store

Drive store traffic with interactive installations and events centered around craftsmanship and social consciousness. Nest brings the power of meaningful storytelling, beautiful imagery, and a dedicated network of industry leaders to participate in inspirational dialogues. Incorporating Nest’s local community of expert craftspeople and makers, Nest is able to host pop-up craft experiences and workshops such as instore block-printing, embroidery, and tie-dye.

Artisan 101 I Team Training

Navigate the world of artisan sourcing with greater ease and focus on long-term sustainability by implementing Nest training programs for your internal teams. Nest’s comprehensive training program gives your team the tools and knowledge to build stronger supply chains while helping artisan vendors and internal teams work better together. This program is available for sourcing, design, production, and compliance teams.

Nest Consultancy

Leveraging more than a decade of experience in artisan-brand partnership, Nest consults on effective strategies for approaching artisan sourcing with cultural sensitivity and tried-and-true tools for partnership success. Nest advises on process training and staffing, while helping your team set up new frameworks for identification, verification, and integration of handmade production into your supply chain.

Steering Committee

The Nest Steering Committee is a coalition of fashion and home design brands demonstrating extraordinary leadership by working alongside Nest to build the global sector solutions that are bringing unprecedented transparency, social responsibility, and economic development to handworker economy.


  • Co-authored and Launched Nest Standards & Seal
  • Developing Globally Applicable Wastewater Solutions
  • Creating Working Training Programs for Home-based Producers
  • Researching New Technologies to Improve Transparency

Partnership Successes

Nest Coalition Industry Leaders

Nest Coalition & Founding Steering Committee