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For centuries, craftspeople and handworkers around the world have played critical roles in sustaining and reviving local creative economies, often working from homes and small workshops. Their work ranges from skilled craftsmanship to simple handwork tasks.

Through a holistic suite of programming—from the open-access tools provided to the Nest Guild through to our Ethical Handcraft program which ensures that tens of thousands of handworkers are afforded worker protections and fair wages—Nest is unlocking the Power of Craft to change our world.

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The Nest Guild is a growing network of global visionaries and creative entrepreneurs empowering them to leverage their artistic spirit to improve their communities and challenge social norms. All resources offered to the Guild are free of charge—from online learning modules to mentorship with industry experts.

The Guild grew +84% between 2020 and 2021, reaching significantly more business leaders with training and resources at a time when many enterprises were struggling to stay afloat in the wake of Covid-19. Today, the Guild boasts 1,800+ business members from 120 countries, representing more than 270,000 artisans, makers, and handworkers, and indirectly reaching more than 1.2MM individuals around the world. Member businesses are 76% female-owned or led, and, in total, employ an 88% female workforce.

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Since the launch of the Nest Standards of Ethical Handcraft for Homes and Small Workshops at the UN in 2017, Nest’s Ethical Handcraft program has become the industry’s standard bearer for ensuring the rights and protections of home-based artisans and handworkers everywhere.

To date, Nest has supported 157 supply chains in 25 countries with remediation programming to ensure the ethical treatment of 50,586 handworkers. Nest has measured a +100% increase in the number of businesses that pay their workers at least a minimum wage as a result of participation in the Ethical Handcraft program. And, 80% of the female workers in participating supply chains report using their income to support their children’s education—improving outcomes for future generations and their communities at large.

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As Covid-19 spread around the world, Nest reacted quickly to launch a relief program for artisan and maker businesses in our network. With generous support from a number of corporate and philanthropic partners, as well as several loyal friends of Nest, we provided timely financial and business support to program recipients.

Through one facet of Nest’s response effort, the PPE Purchasing Initiative, 56 artisan businesses received funding that enabled them to keep their doors open and production lines running through the height of the pandemic. They recouped 40% of Covid-related losses and retained 50% of their workforces. And together

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