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The Nest Standards and Seal for Homes and Small Workshops

The Nest Standards for Homes and Small Workshops and Seal of Ethical Handcraft work together to ensure industry-wide transparency and compliance for production taking place beyond the four-walled factory.

Nest Connect

Artisan is far from niche! More than 400 artisan businesses are logging online with Nest in real-time to access exciting growth opportunities.

Nest Professional Fellowships

Nest’s skills-based volunteer program brings knowledge sharing and cross-cultural innovation to the handwork sector.

Nest Sourcing

Handworkers are getting more orders than ever without bearing the brunt of unethical middlemen.

Artisan Leadership Summit

Each year, a select group of artisan leaders make the journey of a lifetime to New York City for industry immersion and leadership development.

Artisan Accelerator

Nest’s intensive 360-degree integrated support puts artisan businesses on an expedited path to growth.

Did You Know?

Data Driven

Nest’s data-driven capacity building programs map directly to the most pressing needs faced by today’s handworker economy. By combining grassroots support with macro-scale solutions, Nest is driving sustainable change on the global scale.

Our Data-Driven Approach


90+ countries
480+ artisan business
160,000+ handworkers

Map of the world with pictures of faces connected by black lines
2018 Impact Report