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Artisan Accelerator: A Holistic Program for Emerging Artisan Businesses

Nest’s Artisan Accelerator is an intensive, holistic program that provides high-potential businesses from the Nest Guild with the support they need to become vital players in the international marketplace for home and fashion design.

The Artisan Accelerator is widely recognized as the preeminent global accelerator of artisan businesses, equipping highly-motivated social entrepreneurs with a suite of targeted programming to drive their business growth and social impact in the handcraft sector.

2023 Artisan Sustainability Accelerator

With a focus on the future of our communities and planet, the 2023 Artisan Sustainability Accelerator is supporting 50 trailblazing social enterprises in the handcraft sector that have a clear sustainability mission or are working towards established sustainability goals—be that through a commitment to creating a more transparent supply chain, through circularity goals to reduce waste, support resource conservation and reduce their environmental footprint; or, through exploring technology and operational innovation.

Through participation in the 2023 Artisan Sustainability Accelerator, business leaders may receive a suite of expert-led learning and development content, targeted capacity-building support, exclusive sourcing and market access opportunities, and access to Nest’s Ethical Handcraft compliance program.

Meet the 2023 Cohort

360° Programming

Each year, participating businesses join a cohort of like-minded enterprises from around the world who receive targeted capacity building, 1:1 mentorship and consulting and market access opportunities. Through merchandising support, businesses are presented to Nest’s brand partners and also showcased on select digital commerce platforms.

Additionally, a select number of businesses in the program will participate in Nest’s Ethical Handcraft Program, and gain an opportunity to earn the Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft.

Our Strategy

Since 2018, Artisan Accelerator has helped participating businesses increase their market access by 34% and generated over $1.4MM in new revenue, directly attributable to business’ participation in the program.

Businesses in Artisan Accelerator have outpaced global small businesses in revenue growth and sustainability. According to data from Goldfale Consulting, only 52% of small businesses saw growth in 2018 with 36% staying constant, compared to 70% of Artisan Accelerator businesses growing with 20% staying constant after their first year in the program.

The Nest Expert Network

Participants in Artisan Accelerator receive targeted pro-bono consultancies and mentorship from members of the Nest Expert Network. A trusted and skilled group of industry professionals, members of the Nest Expert Network volunteer their time and expertise to businesses in the Nest Guild, with a focus on those in Artisan Accelerator.

Businesses are matched with experts based on their specific needs which are identified through Nest’s Strategic Growth Assessment. Experts work closely with businesses remotely and on-site to advance key business objectives.

Meet the Nest Expert Network

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