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Nest’s Ethical Handcraft Program is revolutionizing the fashion and home decor industries by making home-based craft work a safe and viable option.

Measuring ethical compliance against the Nest Ethical Compliance Standards for Home and Small Workshops—a matrix of more than 100 metrics—the training-first program is tailored to address the wide degree of variation in decentralized supply chains, which may result from factors such as multiple layers of subcontracting, migrant labor forces, and broad geographic dispersal.

The Ethical Handcraft Program stands apart for its dedication to cultural sensitivity and handworker participation in decision-making.

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Development and Launch

Nest conducted full reviews of existing factory auditing standards including SA 8000, FLA and Fair Trade USA, to develop a set of complementary standards that could be applied to home or small workshop-based production. At the United Nations in December 2017, Nest, in the company of brand and artisan partners, officially launched the Nest Ethical Handcraft Program and the Nest Ethical Compliance Standards for Home and Small Workshops.

Built and piloted in collaboration with brand pioneers including EILEEN FISHER, Jaipur Living, Maiyet, Patagonia, PVH, Target, The Children’s Place, and West Elm, the program is the only widely-recognized means for determining ethical production in decentralized supply chains.

Praise for the Standards


The future of work, particularly in the wake of Covid-19, will include home and small workshop-based production in ways we once never thought possible.  

In response to this moment, Nest is offering a suite of complimentary industry tools to empower our brand and corporate partners as they navigate new production models outside of traditional factories.


The Founding Steering Committee

Standards Committee

The Nest Standards Committee, a permanent multi-stakeholder governance body, is responsible for overseeing the revision process, reviewing feedback and suggestions, and collectively approving any revisions to Nest’s Standards or refinement to our methodology.

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Sean Ansett, President of At-Stake Advisors

Douglas Guiley, Global Sourcing and CSR Expert

Antoine Heuty, Founder & CEO of Ulula

Jane Hwang, President & CEO of Social Accountability International (SAI)

Rochelle Zaid, Senior Director of Standards & Impacts at SAI

John Brooks, Executive Director of Social Accountability Accredidation Services at SAI

Kelly Johnson, Senior Responsible Sourcing Manager at Target

Jacob Matthew, CEO of Industree

Haresh Mirpuri, President of Durus

Tes Bustamante, Marketing Manager of Durus