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BNP Paribas Consulting Americas guides artisan Guild leaders through creating their own business plans

Bridging gaps in language, distance, and opposite time zones, Nest’s Nest Connect program supports more than 450 artisan businesses across the world with a custom suite of technology-embedded learning tools and pro-bono consulting designed to address the most common needs voiced by the global handworker community. Of these 450 artisan businesses, more than 40% recently reported to Nest that financial planning and budgeting are major challenges they must address in order to successfully grow and scale their businesses.

In response to the high demand for greater learning opportunities to address business planning, Nest partnered with international bank, BNP Paribas, and their Consulting Americas group, to host a deep-dive webinar on creating a business plan. The seminar, led by BNP employees, was designed to help artisan leaders understand key principles and strategies for putting together a business plan that captures their business’ value proposition in a detailed framework  – ultimately facilitating their ability to successfully secure external funding to capitalize growth. During and following the webinar, BNP Paribas experts shared sample downloadable tools and templates to guide the artisan leaders on their business plan journeys moving forward.

15 artisan leaders dialed in from around the world, asking questions spanning business case development (focusing on product, customers, and investors); opportunity framing in the context of being an artisan business; and effective means for communicating the business case to both customers and investors. BNP experts were prepared with detailed advice, stating: We are incredibly privileged to have worked with Nest on this webinar, and value the opportunity to connect with skillful artisans across the globe and their unique products and challenges. Our hope is that the recorded webinar presentation and accompanying templates serve as an added resource for Nest’s artisans to develop or enhance their business plans, enabling them to capitalize on any opportunity that comes their way.

Recognizing and appreciating the need to unite emerging artisans with financial institutions, BNP Paribas will continue building on its partnership with Nest to host future educational experiences for the Nest Artisan Guild. Nest looks forward to hosting our 2018 New Handworker Economy Convening: Filling the Financial Gap at the BNP Paribas headquarters in New York on November 9th later this year.