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Maven Women and Mehera Shaw Team Up

When looking for the right day-to-night ensemble, Maven Women is a new destination to rely upon. What’s more, their dresses are made in partnership with the artisans of Mehera Shaw, a member of the Nest Guild. Like all good things, details are tended to with care: organic block printed linings use centuries-old techniques and are not to be missed!

Mehera Shaw is an environmentally responsible fair trade artisan enterprise practicing a diverse collection of handcrafting techniques that are deeply embedded in the cultural heritage of Jaipur, India, where they are located. Mehera Shaw is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and Craftmark, and also supports Mehera Shaw Foundation Trust, who counts a micro-enterprise skills training program for women as one of its many upstanding contributions to the community in which its artisans work and live.

Having worked closely with Mehera Shaw’s artisans as members of the Nest Guild, our team knew of their many talents whose applications are certainly limitless in the contemporary fashion and apparel industries. What a joy to support the partnership between Mehera Shaw and Maven Women, an emerging brand of office-meets-eveningwear bent on transparency every step of the way. These are the partnerships that bring beautiful items into our lives while enriching the lives of those who made them.