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Makers United Launches in Detroit, Michigan

Today, we are announcing the launch of Makers United x Detroit! We believe that the work Makers United strives to achieve has never been more relevant–or more urgent. Nest’s Makers United program is a multi-stakeholder initiative that connects and strengthens the community of diverse makers across the United States. By continuing to build a vibrant and inclusive maker population, as well as leveraging the movement’s potential to generate opportunity for all makers regardless of sex, race, economic means, or physical ability, this program is committed to economic inclusion across all sectors of the maker business.

Designer Tracy Reese, who grew up in Detroit, will coordinate the effort alongside Detroit consulting firm Gusto Partners, which will spearhead program implementation in Detroit. Their efforts are supported by the Same Sky Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies and West Elm.

“Detroit has so much to offer the world, and I think when people think of Detroit, the focus is not always on the rich cultural life of this city,” said Reese, whose new, sustainable brand, Hope for Flowers is based in Detroit. Reese serves on the Nest Board of Trustees. “Through Nest’s Makers United program, I’m hoping that we’re able to create concrete opportunities that may not have already existed for the amazing artisans in my hometown. I also want to open their eyes to opportunities that were already here that, for some reason, they do not have access to.”

This is a program where, at its heart, we focus on ensuring that makers who are disproportionately more likely to experience barriers to needed services and business growth, from financing to market access, get the support and exposure they need. As we expand into Detroit, ensuring that Black maker businesses are amplified with regards to the structural impediments they face, as well as the opportunities that could expand their business’ potential, will be a paramount tenant to the program.