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Love Nest on Elbi to Support Handworkers Worldwide!

Elbi is a new platform that makes it both easy and rewarding to discover and support inspiring charities. Download Elbi at the Apple App Store and you will find a trove of inspirational videos educating you on outstanding do-good causes igniting impact across the globe. Today, Nest and Elbi are launching a special partnership to help you unlock positive change for handworkers across the world. 

For the next 10 days you will find Nest amongst these worthy causes and we hope you will be inspired to click the “Love” button (a cute little heart icon) and give. We are setting a goal of $1000 to help us reach handworkers around the world with Nest’s capacity building and compliance programs. Your heart could be the one that helps get us there.

With Elbi, sharing is most definitely caring. The more love you give and the more you comment and share on the causes you care about, the more LoveCoins you earn. LoveCoins can be redeemed for amazing items from the likes of Messika, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy. Just visit the LoveShop to earn these items have fun shopping for good!