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LOVE CRAFT | Nest’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

This Valentine’s Day, Nest is proud to share the LOVE CRAFT Gift Guide. Shining a spotlight on truly unique handcrafted items, we hope that with this guide we can harness the power (and love!) of the Nest community to impart some much needed support to the ever-resilient members of the Nest Artisan Guild.  

10 months after the onset of Covid-19, the devastating impacts of the pandemic on local and global supply chains continue to be felt by our artisan partners near and far. Within the first three months of the crisis, we learned that 80% of production across the Guild was halted, impacting the livelihoods of thousands of artisans and handworkers. And up to 68% of wholesale orders were cancelled – contributing to vast amounts of overstock and limited cash flows for businesses to sustain themselves. 

Among our many initiatives to support the handworker economy during these times, LOVE CRAFT spotlights just a handful of those products that are made by hand and with love by the artisans in our community. Many of the products featured below remain in Guild members’ warehouses as a result of cancelled orders and closed markets. With LOVE CRAFT, it is our hope that we can show these products – and the handworkers behind them – just a bit more love. 

For all items below, please enter in coupon code NEST2021 at checkout. This will provide you with a 5% discount and Nest with the opportunity to track the impact of our community.

Floral, Apothecary and Self-Care

Good Flower Farm Calendula Rose Salve
GOOD FLOWER FARM | Calendula Rose Salve, $22 | Shop NowEnjoy 15% off with code NEST2021
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – This all-purpose salve is a magical tonic for your skin – providing moisture to dry spots (think: hands, cuticles, feet, elbows) and extra love to burns, cuts, and other injuries. Carefully crafted with the skin-loving herb calendula (grown on our farm), slow-infused in organic olive oil over several weeks. This salve has a very subtle scent and is gentle enough to use on young children and pets. Comes in a 1.75 oz eco-friendly biodegradable paperboard tube. Enjoy 15% off with code NEST2021

Craft Boat Paper Flower Garland
CRAFT BOAT | Paper Flower Garland, $24.75 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – Handmade paper flower garland, each flower is naturally dyed in turmeric and made by female artisans at Craft Boat.

Handcrafted Baubles 

REVOLUTION LANCASTER | Collective Care Pendant, $55 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker Great gift for a bestie to bestie! What does Collective Care mean to us? Support / Compassion / Empathy / Show Up / Heal / Vulerability / Strength. This pendant represents the healing that happens when we support each other. Our lives are linked – one to another. Ultimately, as we show compassion for those around us we begin to feel a renewed compassion for ourselves. This cycle of collective care creates chains of love that carry us through the struggles of life and lifts us up in the excitement of our growth together. Give a gift of this very special symbol of Collective Care as a thank you from one strong woman to another. This is you hugging me, hugging you. Pendant design by Destiny Stoltzfus.

PROTSAAH | Double Band Bandle With Hook, $139 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – Glam up your style with this handcrafted double band bangle that can be easily worn matching all styling preferences. This beautiful bangle is adjustable to fit a large range of wrist sizes. Handcrafted by women artisans from the Lhasa valley, a Tibet’s heartland. Each piece empowers an artisan to take care of themselves and their family. Available in sterling silver or 22kt gold plated.

TALLER MARA | Sol Ring, $25 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – The ring features natural motifs in organic patterns contained in a classic shape. Handmade by artisans from the Yucatan Peninsula with the filigree technique.


Social Justice Jewelry
SOCIAL JUSTICE JEWELRY | Antidote Cuff Bracelet, $20 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – The antidote to those social ills: tell others how you treat others and deserve to be treated.

Craft stories
CRAFT STORIES | Paksi (bird) earrings in sterling silver, $80 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker Handcrafted in sterling silver, in Jaipur, India, with fine hand-painted enamel work in pink, navy blue, green, red, and yellow enamel. Birds in Indian folk arts are often associated with spiritual bliss, freedom, wholesomeness, and unflinching love. And we think our ‘paksi’ (bird) earrings successfully embody these emotions. While their traditional folk form gives these earrings their soul, it’s their clean lines that spell sophisticated modernity. Being asymmetrical (yes, their left and right side is different!) only amps up their quaintness and charm. Super versatile, super awesome, these are guaranteed to become your all-time favorite as they are ours!

MELISSA MILES DESIGNS | Miniature Rosebud Earrings, $25 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker Earrings were made with real miniature rosebuds encased in resin. Rosebuds are dark pink.

KATIE KISMET | Sweetheart Stud Earring Gift Set, $44 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker A little something sweet… Treat your friend or loved one to a set of three pairs of Rally Collection stud earrings “sprinkled” on a Valentine’s Day card! Whether worn in matching pairs or mixed, these sets will brighten days and usher in spring. Ready for the icing? These studs are made with recycled glass. It’s upcycled from the factory’s neighboring window pane company, crushed into a powder, then mixed with natural oxides to create a stunning array of colors. Pair with recycled glass stacking rings from the same collection. I throw in some fun cupcake-themed bonuses for the cherry on top. Shipping directly to your sweetheart? Add gift wrap!


Fashion & Handbags

EREENA | Natural Dye Shawl. Bhoomi Plain, $135 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – This natural dye organic eri silk unisex shawl has a mixture of natural colours in broad stripes and checks. Earth brown, turmeric yellow, pomegranate red ,cream and slate grey combine beautifully. These colours are drawn from natural ingredients and mordants. Enjoy the shawl’s unmatched comfort, while delighting in the knowledge of the low carbon footprint it left behind and the positive social impact it made! Unlike in other natural silks, eri yarn is drawn from empty cocoons that allow the silkworms to mature into moths and fly away, to complete their life cycle. Not surprisingly, eri is known as ahimsa (non- violent) silk! Besides being a fabric of peace, eri is isothermal, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Significantly, eri is environment-friendly, as the drought-resistant castor plant that eri silkworms feed on leaves a low carbon footprint. Traditionally, the indigenous people in the area picked eri cocoons and hand spun the yarn. They wove shawls and simple of their lives. Drawing from this ancient tradition, this shawl is made from eri yarn spun in a facility that employs primarily under-privileged women.

ANASA RESORT | Imara Long Kaftan, $645 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker The loose fit and lightweight material makes this full length kaftan ideal for warm summer days. This versatile piece can be worn as a coverup while at the pool and later transition into a five-star restaurant with the addition of a light slip and heels. It is cut from luxurious silk crepe de chine, printed with vibrant colors and patterns. Multicolored silk crepe de chine body. V-neck adorned with a silk tassel and our signature repurposed brass Maasai coin. Three-quarter length bell sleeves. Front slit. 100% silk. Slips on. Dry Clean.

LEKHA | Saheli Kamla Kani Wool Coat, $298 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – Colorful, soft, warm, with just the right tough of subtle masculinity. Our Kamla Kani wool coat is is made of 100% authentic pashmina shawls, ethically sourced and loomed with a multitude of thread shades. Each Kani shawl is unique, patchworked together by our partners in India, the Saheli Women, a women’s empowerment rural NGO based in the village of Bhikamkor. While the color scheme will be the same, each lapel and trim will be unique to each coat. The Saheli Women is a female atelier established on fair and inclusive principles. We empower women through teaching them traditional and modern embroidery techniques. Our atelier is a fear-free creative place for ladies to work where they get the freedom to design their working hours and holidays. IPHD (the institute for philanthropic human development) manages the Saheli Women production facility out of its community center in Bhikamkor. Additionally, IPHD sponsors the educations of all daughters of Saheli Women members, runs the only female health clinic in the village, and delivers workshops on human rights, feminism, menstrual hygiene, health, and financial literacy. Oversized with wrap belt: fits XS-L composition. 100% pashmina with silk lining care. Dry clean only. Handmade in India.

COTTON RACK | Fog White – Large Lapel Jacket, $48 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – A timeless classic cut for a jacket made in ‘Cashmere Cotton’, a vegan alternative to wool that is first hand-spun on a spinning wheel and then woven on a hand-loom in our very own private cluster in the foothills of the Himalayas. The fabric retains its natural color and has a negligible carbon footprint. Being a 100% cotton-based fabric with the richness of Cashmere Wool works across all weathers. Made by a select group of artisans, this is a gift that is cherished by the owner and has a positive impact on the livelihood & the environment.

SEEK COLLECTIVE | Mudra Bandana, $55 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker Crafted from upcycled, leftover fabric, our versatile bandanas are part of our zero-waste initiative—they also add the perfect pop to any outfit. The Mudra bandana marks the return of one of our favorite prints from seasons past. This joyful design is hand block printed on silk, and the muted salmon color is achieved with natural plant dyes.

QUETARSHE TEXTILES | Ruched Fleece Head Warmer, $45 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – Funky and functional, these provide just the right amount of warmth. Wear them everywhere and then toss them in the wash for easy care.100% cotton fleece. Fits heads up to 23 in round. Head warmer length is 6 1/4 in.

AAKS | Hana Mini Stripe, $139 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker In homage to our best selling mini bag, the Hana Mini comes in a multicoloured stripe look giving it a fresh summer feel. This compact silhouette is your go to for your little every day essentials, sling over your shoulder for an easy wear.

Whimsical Items to Lift Your Spirit

PISTIS ART | Traditional Embroidered Shoe Insoles – The Chinese rose, $55 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker Traditional Embroidered Shoe Insoles Hand-embroidered insoles are folk art with a long tradition. All these embroidered shoe insoles are hand stitched by women in rural areas, Shanxi Province, China. Influenced by the local geographical environment and customs, embroidered shoe insoles materialize the bonding between family members, friends, and loved ones– as a token of love, or prayer for their safe return, or support them to stride over hardships and frustrations.The Chinese rose has been crowned the Queen of Flowers in ancient China, for its incarnation of romantic spirits and purity. The Song poet Su Shi, once wrote a poem specially for the China rose.

DAR PROYECTOS | Gemstone Heart Paperweight, $35 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – These colorful, decorative gemstone paperweights have been crafted with you in mind. Get to spread some love in your interior space by adding the tactile energy of these remarkable Andean gemstones. A playful element to a busy desk, vanity or table setting. Pieces are exclusively carved from gemstones, and come in a variety of colors – blue Sodalita, pink Rhodonita, red Jasper to name a few. Assortment includes a mix of 3 or 4 colors, similar to images, but will vary. Dimensions are approx 2″ x 2″ x 1″

MBARE HOME + GIFT | Meerkat Lovers, $57 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – This adorable meerkat couple is carved from a single piece of wood, they stand looking into each other’s eyes, embraced in a hug. Artists scattered throughout Zimbabwe, mainly in remote rural areas, create Mbare’s wood sculptures. As indigenous hard woods became increasingly scarce, we focus on developing products made from non-indigenous, non-endangered Jacaranda wood.

GOOSE GREASE SHOP | Trailblazers III, $40 | Shop NowEnjoy 15% off with code NEST2021
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – The Trailblazers III doll set includes four dolls, size 3″-3.5″. Ida B. Wells, Manuelita Sáenz, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Ruby Bridges. Hand-chiseled from Urapán wood on an electric lathe, these classic wooden peg dolls are finished with USA-made non-toxic water-based paints. Each doll is unique and safe for little hands. We design our dolls in our Brooklyn studio and work with artisans in Bogotá, Colombia to help us reproduce our designs. Our carpenter uses sustainably-harvested trees; when one tree is used, two are planted. Our team includes Goose Grease-trained craftsmen and craftswomen, from Bogotá to Brooklyn, and each doll is carefully hand-drawn and hand-painted from start to finish. Includes Four Dolls, Size 3.5″ // 7.6 cm.

LIKHA | Coco Coir Planter – Pug, $60 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker This cute pug planter will warm your heart. Playful and charming, it’s a family-friendly planter that is great with succulents and little ones alike. Leash not included! Handmade by artisans with coco coir. Each purchase empowers artisan communities in the Philippines.

Home Decor & Accessories

FIVE | SIX TEXTILES | Mancala Lumbar Pillow, $125 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – The Mancala lumbar is inspired by an early 20th Century woman’s wrapper woven by the Djerma people. Today in Waraniéné, the diamond motif seen in the center panel is known as Mancala, just like the game we played growing up. The use of diamond shape is common throughout most of West African woven patterns, but their names are all slightly different depending on where the cloth is woven. This lumbar is handwoven in raw cotton with a texture similar to that of raw silk. With use, the weave will tighten, patina, and soften.100% Raw Cotton. Pillowcase only. Color: Ecru, Rose, & Rust. Handwoven in Côte d’Ivoire. 12” x 32”

ZUAHAZA | Diamond Guayaba Pink Lumbar Pillow, $75 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – This two toned lumbar diamond weave guayaba pink and cream pillow, is a great way to add color and texture without being too bold. This lumbar pillow features our new weave of small diamonds in 2 colors. Dimensions: 12”x24” / 30cm x 60cm. 100% organic cotton.100% naturally dyed. Handmade by women artisans from Colombia. Cotton tape and metal zipper pull. Does not include insert.

HERITERA | Etchform Stoneware Vessel, $68 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker – This hand-carved, cozy stoneware vessel is inspired by our love of nature. It’s perfect as a salt cellar and even for housing a variety of small items like jewelry or an air plant. Hand-carved / etched. Shiny white hand-glazed interior. 3″ x 3″ x 3″ warm stoneware vessel. Food safe. Handmade in the USA.

LOVE WELCOMES | Love Welcomes Embroidered Hoop, $22 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker A hand-stitched message – love – and its translation into Morse code are framed by a wooden hoop. Embroidered by a woman living in a refugee camp in Greece, this is much more than a colourful addition to your home or gift for a loved one. Each hoop provides a woman with a means to earn a living while living in a camp and a way to create a new life for herself and her family. A beautiful, poignant way to support those fleeing war and violence as they discover a more loving future. Greek cotton fabric and yarn within a 16cm wooden hoop. Made by hand by the Love Welcomes refugee community. Wipe clean only; not suitable for machine washing.

ALEX CLARK WOODWORKING | Brass Loop Serving Board, $85 | Shop Now
Valentine’s Note From the Maker Perfect for a small snack! Local, WI hardwoods are accented by a handmade, brass loop handle on this minimalist serving board. Chose walnut or birdseye maple.Looks pretty hanging on the wall when not in use. Finished with food-safe, natural linseed oil and beeswax. 11″ x 5″ x 3/4″. Care card included. Wood grain & color will vary from product photo as each serving board is unique!