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In the Philippines, a new worker manual

Chris, our COO, is home from the Philippines following a visit with 33.3, an artisan business engaged in the traditional art of Filipino basket-weaving. In partnership with the business’s leadership, Maribel Cruz, and her son, Kaloy, along with Nest Artisan Advancement Project Steering Committee brand, West Elm, Nest had the opportunity to pilot the Nest Standards for homework and small workshop production. We began the process with an initial assessment, followed by implementation of strategies to ensure transparency throughout the supply chain.

Our shared goals included creating standardized systems for communicating workers’ rights all the way down to the individual artisan level – no simple task for a business employing 3,000 homeworkers. After conducting an initial assessment of 33.3’s current operations, we worked with the business to develop a worker manual and systems for information dissemination to artisans. On Chris’s latest trip, months of 33.3’s hard work was rolled out in the form of an impressive new worker’s manual and training program that we reviewed together.

In addition to spending time with the 33.3 artisan leadership and weavers, Chris met with more than 20 subcontractors, known at 33.3 as team leaders: members of the supply chain who must be aligned on all Standards and policies. The group discussed strategies to ensure consistent record keeping as well those for inspiring the next generation of craftspeople. The need for cooperation in this field of work cannot be emphasized enough. Nest is thankful for our partnership with 33.3 and with West Elm. We look forward to sharing more.