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PPE Purchasing Initiative

The PPE Purchasing Initiative reduces the financial burden and threat of unemployment for small businesses by financing their production of high-quality and/or medical-grade PPE to be donated to frontline workers in their local community or hotspot locations.

How It Works

Nest “purchases” masks and other PPE to be donated to frontline workers and vulnerable citizens, so that our small businesses do not bear the investment in volunteer production alone. This program will directly help to ‘flatten the curve’ by putting PPE into the hands of those who need it most, while equipping small and micro businesses with the capital they need for materials, labor and shipping, thereby keeping our artisan workforce employed and improving wellbeing globally.

Donate a Mask

COVID-19 Impact on Artisan and Maker Businesses

How To Get Involved

Give a Mask, Employ an Artisan! Sponsor a mask for a frontline worker AND sustain small artisan and maker businesses operating on razor-thin margins during these unprecedented times! Employee matching from organizations and companies can make your donation go even further!

Donate a Mask

The Inaugural Funders

Qurate Retail Group
The Winn Family Foundation
The Cordes Foundation

Contact [email protected] if you are interested in being a donor to the PPE Fund