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Nest Artisan Guild Answers the Call

Nest works nationally and internationally with over 700 artisan and maker businesses in over 100 countries who are facing the massive economic impacts of the global crisis. Many of whom are women supporting entire households and living paycheck to paycheck. Despite their limited financial and material resources, small businesses are now being called to the front lines of production with shortages of PPE being reported across the world.

Shifting Production to PPE

For those with safe methods of production and reliable distribution channels, online sales of hand-manufactured masks are generating much needed employment and income, while providing a now essential accessory direct to consumers and to major brands & corporate teams. Our mission is to provide the maximum possible employment to this workforce who needs our support more than ever.


Sourcing Masks by Makers

Through Masks by Makers, Nest’s PPE sourcing initiative, we are working in collaboration with our brand partners to both provide much-needed revenue to our artisan partners engaged in mask production while offering a reliable supply of masks for both your corporate teams and your overall merchandising strategy.

Nest can support scaleable sourcing for brands, corporate teams and frontline employees, custom mask development,  prints or design illustration, as well as add impact to your mask sourcing strategy and storytelling.


Shop Artisan Masks

Alabama Chanin

Made in Alabama
$12 adult

Atelier Nomad

Made in Washington, DC
$22 adult (1+1 donation)

Custom Collaborative

Made in New York
$20 adult

Elidia the Label

Made in Alabama
$20 adult


Made in California
$17 childrens / $20 adult

Eswatini Artisan Collaboration

Made in eSwatini
$5 adult (minimum order of 25pcs)

Indigo Handloom

Fabric Made in India, Stitched in California
$18 kit / $30 adult

Majoie Maldives

Made in the Maldives
$45 set of 2 adult


Made in Mexico
$15 adult (1+1 donation)


Fabric Handwoven in Guatemala, Stitched in California
$19 adult


Made in New York
$28 adult / $54 set of 2 adult / $104 set of 4 adult

Poetic Threads

Fabric Made in India, Stitched in New Mexico
$20 adult

Quetarshe Textiles

Made in Detroit
$20 adult


Made in Indonesia
$17-18 set of 2 adult


Made in Cambodia
$50 set of 10 adult

Tribal Textiles

Made in Zambia
$15 adult / 3 for $25 adult / 3 for $20 childrens

Vickery Trading Co.

Made in Texas
$12 adult / $10 childrens


Made in California
$45 adult