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A modular artisan workshop model: partnering with Inscape Publico

Recognizing a widespread need for safe, centralized workshops across the global artisan sector as a whole, Nest is joining together with non-profit architecture firm of record, Inscape Publico, to create a series of small artisan work studio prototypes that will ultimately be available to artisan businesses around the world as a replicable “kit-of-parts.” The Nest workshop model is being piloted first alongside Nest Artisan Guild business Varanasi Loom to Luxury in India, before it will be made more widely available to artisan businesses globally in the form of downloadable construction plans outlining modular parts that can be locally manufactured and then assembled by local labor forces. As Varanasi Loom to Luxury continues to receive increased demand from notable brands and designers like The Row and many others, Nest’s goal is for a new workshop to dramatically improve the business’ ability to fill orders with timeliness and high-level product quality. This will drive continued business growth and higher wages for artisans and their families. A big thank you to Swarovski Foundation for generously supporting this important Nest project.