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What We Stand For

1 Advancing Gender Equity By Celebrating Women’s Work

Craft-based work is a fundamental source of employment for women globally - providing a source of livelihood to hundreds of millions of women who work from home. Nest works to make female handworkers visible as a crucial part of global supply chains, all while advancing their access to social and economic opportunity.

2 Driving Diversity & Inclusion in the Makers Movement

Nest is committed to building a more vibrant and inclusive makers movement by providing maker entrepreneurs who often face barriers to accessing the support they need with the resources and market access opportunities they need to thrive.

3 Expanding Economic Opportunity through Craft  

Handworkers contribute over $718BN in value to our global GDP.  Yet the implementation of their social economic protections can often be the exception rather than the norm. We believe that when brands, philanthropy and artisan businesses come together, we can harness the massive potential of craft to drive economic opportunity for workers everywhere.

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