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What We Stand For

1 Global Economic Inclusivity

The International Labor Organization estimates more than 300 million home-based workers who are too often underserved as part of the informal economy. Nest is focused on increasing the supply and demand for responsible handcraft, generating economic opportunity for home-based workers at the bottom of the supply chain.

2 Women's Wellbeing Beyond Factories

Craft-based work is the second largest employer of women globally‚ÄĒproviding a source of livelihood to those limited in their ability to work outside the home. Using universal standards for homes and small workshops, Nest is making female handworkers visible while promoting their fair access to social and economic opportunity.

3 Cultural Preservation

Around the world, time honored cultural traditions embedded in craftsmanship are in danger of being lost. Nest is committed to reviving these techniques through business innovation and a shift in consumer perception surrounding the value of handcraft.

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