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The Walt Disney Company’s Supply Chain Investment Program Grants Nest $700,000 to Scale our Compliance Work through Tech Integration and Factory Model Alignment

Nest has newly received $700,000 in grant funding from The Walt Disney Company’s Supply Chain Investment Program that will allow for Nest to scale our Standards and Seal for Homes and Small Workshops through investment in technology integration and model alignment with factory audits over the course of the next two years.

As we consider the more than 300 million home-based workers worldwide whose contributions to our global supply chains have historically not been formally recognized, regulated, or compensated, Nest is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with The Walt Disney Company to bring unprecedented visibility, agency, and wellbeing to the artisans and homeworkers our mission serves.

Technology funding will allow for Nest to increase our reach to handworkers by scaling, streamlining, and improving worker data collection through the integration of mobile survey technology, mobile money and blockchain. The grant will further fund our creation of live digital dashboards to capture and transmit real-time data on worker pay, employment records, assessment findings and Corrective Action Plan progress to various members of the supply chain from brands to subcontractors. The dashboards will foster deeper transparency while helping Nest build data-driven solutions to the most pressing worker challenges on the global scale.

Recognizing the importance of aligning Nest’s model with prevailing factory audit systems, grant funding is also supporting Nest’s work to partner with Standards-setting bodies to ensure that our program builds upon the great work that has been done by our peers in the factory space. Nest will further pilot the alignment process onsite with one or more of our corporate partners to ensure a smooth integration of assessment models within supply chains implementing both factory auditing and the Nest model.

We look forward to the work ahead and thank The Walt Disney Company for its innovative approach to improving the world’s supply chains to that workers, including previously hidden artisans and homeworkers, have the opportunity to thrive.