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Rebecca joins Target in support of fledgling businesses preparing to “Take Off”

Nest sees global craft-based businesses as small businesses requiring the same level of support and innovation as small businesses in other sectors such as technology and agriculture.  And when it comes to small business innovation, Nest Artisan Advancement Project Steering Committee partner, Target, is a leader to learn from.

This past week, Nest’s founder, Rebecca van Bergen, had the great fun of visiting Target’s headquarters in Minneapolis to speak at “Target Takeoff,”  the company’s “mini retail bootcamp” to support fledgling businesses. This weeklong session was focused around ten small better-for-you businesses that are helping consumers live better lives, with roundtable discussions, workshops, and presentations sharing best practices in sustainability and social entrepreneurship.
Rebecca was thrilled to offer her own wisdom to participating businesses, merging her education in social work with more than ten years of experience in successful public-private sector collaboration with responsible brand partners like Target. During her visit, Rebecca also spoke with Target employees about the amazing work that Nest and Target are doing together to support the rights and wellbeing of Target’s artisan and home-based producing partners.

A very big thanks to Target for its ongoing partnership and inspiration.