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Qurate Retail Group Celebrates Women-owned Businesses During Women’s History Month and Beyond

Throughout the month of March, QVC, HSN, and Zulily (which are part of Qurate Retail Group) are celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring 10 women-owned small businesses that are part of Nest’s network. These businesses were selected as part of the Small Business Spotlight, a collaboration between Qurate Retail Group and the National Retail Federation Foundation to support diverse small businesses. The initiative provides selected businesses with access to production resources, broadcast airtime, and/or digital platforms to share their stories with millions of consumers nationwide.

Nest has worked with Qurate Retail Group to create opportunities for women entrepreneurs since 2016. Over the years, Qurate Retail Group’s brands, customers, and vendors have collectively donated more than $1.5 million to Nest to help us achieve this aim. Additionally, in 2020, Qurate Retail Group team members provided volunteer services valued at nearly $500,000 to businesses in Nest’s network through the Qurate Retail Group Fellowship Program, a collaboration with Nest. Qurate Retail Group’s support has helped Nest expand its reach from 60,000 artisans and makers in 2016 to more than 245,000 today.

“We are delighted to continue our work with Qurate Retail Group to spotlight women-owned businesses this Women’s History Month,” shared Nest Founder and Executive Director Rebecca van Bergen. “Our ongoing work ensures that thousands of creative entrepreneurs have the tools to both grow their businesses and support their communities and families through their making.”

Starfish Project, a business that is part of Nest’s global artisan network, or Guild, who is participating in the Small Business Spotlight this month, offers handcrafted jewelry and accessories to help empower women and girls.The social enterprise works in Asia to equip exploited women and girls with the tools they need to build an independent life through holistic care programs and life skills training that leads to the creation of incredible handcrafted jewelry. In 2020, Starfish also was able to work with team member volunteers from Qurate Retail Group through the Nest collaboration. 

“We are very excited to introduce so many new people to Starfish Project’s story through the Small Business Spotlight during Women’s History Month,” says Starfish Project Founder and CEO Jenny McGee. “As a Social Enterprise helping women escape human trafficking, we are thrilled about the impact this will have in helping more women to experience freedom, establish their independence and develop new careers. We can’t wait for viewers to see the beautiful jewelry the incredible women of Starfish Project bring together. We are sure they will be as inspired as we are by the amazing women of Starfish Project and the story of the brand they help create.”

Starfish Project shared its story live on-air on QVC and HSN on March 8. Vickery Trading Co. shared its story live on-air on March 15 and Collective Humanity  shared its story live on-air on  March 18. 

 Additional businesses will appear live on-air on the following days on QVC (at noon and 9 p.m. ET) and on HSN (at 1:55 p.m. and 10:55 p.m. ET): 

These businesses will also appear on the networks’ streaming platforms, YouTube channels, social pages, mobile apps, and websites. Additionally, these businesses will have an opportunity to participate in a virtual mentorship program with Qurate Retail Group. 

Five more businesses are being promoted through QVC’s and HSN’s digital platforms and are receiving social tools and resources for their own promotional use. 

To learn more about these impactful women-owned businesses, visit the Small Business Spotlight pages on and throughout Women’s History Month. Zulily is promoting the Small Business Spotlight on its digital platforms as well. 

Image via Starfish Project