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Nest Professional Fellowship Program

Nest’s Professional Fellowship Program is designed to bridge the skills and education gap between artisans in emerging economies and professionals with the power to transfer their knowledge to handworkers who need it most.

Bringing Innovation to Handwork

Through cross-cultural exchange and pro bono consulting across needs areas like design elevation, quality control systems, and business planning, Nest seeks to re-energize the global craft sector, generating increased economic inclusivity and opportunity.

Building Bridges

Whether working hand-in-hand with artisans via onsite mentorship projects across the globe, or leveraging technology like Skype and WhatsApp to work with artisans straight from the company conference room, Nest Professional Fellows are bringing targeted, high-impact, and scalable consulting to an ever-growing handworker population.

Fellowship Impact

13,121 hours

2016 fellowship Hours



Total dollars equated to hours worked

based on hourly rates determined by
experience level of our volunteers

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