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Nest Wins Fabric of Change Gender Justice Award

At Ashoka and C&A Foundation‘s Globalizer Summit hosted in Bangalore, India earlier this year, the Fabric of Change team announced a first-of-its kind initiative, the Scaling Impact Fund’ – a €250,000 award dedicated to providing investment to Fellows such as Nest’s Founder, Rebecca van Bergen, who are working to scale their impact for transformative change in the apparel industry.

We have just received the news that Rebecca and Nest have been awarded the Gender Justice Award of €30,000 to continue scaling our compliance program for homes and small workshops. As the second largest employer of women in emerging economies, the craft sector has unmet potential to improve women’s workforce participation around the world, so long as we can ensure that h0me and small workshop-based labor is visible and safe.

As we march towards a December 7th unveiling of Nest Compliance at the United Nations, we feel both  emboldened and supported in our work, as well as grateful for the recognition of our efforts so far.