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Nest and Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Project join to celebrate our shared humanity through music and craft

Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Project, a two-year journey during which Yo-Yo Ma will perform Johann Sebastian Bach’s six suites for solo cello in 36 locations worldwide, is the perfect platform for celebrating craft and music as fundamental forms of culture. The project is motivated not only by Yo-Yo’s six-decade relationship with Bach’s music, but also by the composer’s ability to speak to our shared humanity at a time when our civic conversation is so often focused on division.

In each community it visits, the Bach Project asks: how does culture connect us? And how can culture help us to imagine and build a better future? Craftsmanship and its creative energy can help us answer these questions most fully. To celebrate craftsmanship’s essential role in our communities and our society, Nest is identifying local illustrators and graphic artists in each Bach Project location to produce hand-drawn posters, local visual expressions that explore culture’s role in society.

Artist Godie Arboleda, who created the poster design for the Bach Project in Medellín, Colombia, says: “It has been an honor for me to illustrate the poster for this event, not only because with it I had the opportunity to express my vision of the city where I live, but also because I received support from the Yo-Yo Ma team and Nest to hand draw in a moment where the market favors digital illustration.”

Bach Project poster hand illustrated by Godie Arboleda of Medellín, Colombia

The Project will further help surface and share local art and culture by selling handcrafted objects created by local craftspeople in six communities to be visited by the Bach Project. Nest has stepped in to identify a diverse group of artisans from within our own Nest Artisan Guild to participate in this rare opportunity. The assortment of handwoven scarves, hand-molded ceramics, hand-beaded jewelry, and much more will be available for purchase on the Bach Project website, shared alongside the stories of the artisan creators.

To support the Bach Project and its collaboration with local artisans worldwide, please visit and follow Nest’s Instagram as we walk in the footsteps of the Project and share the artisanal creations it brings to life along the way.