Suffering from lack of awareness, marginal economic returns, limited access to resources, environmental pressures of drought, and the ensuing degradation of natural resources, American ranching is in desperate need of business diversification and rejuvenation. As Western ranches fail to capture the interest of today’s younger generation, they are being sold to non-ranching entities that know little about traditional practices or environmental conservation.

Through a unique partnership that focuses on handmade leather crafts as a vehicle for change, Nest will help apply the same traditional techniques for hand- made leather saddle production to creation of handbag and accessory lines guided by design experts hailing from established brands like Anthropologie, Maiyet and Rag & Bone. Each piece cut with classic hand tools, mirrors the design and construction of Cowboy saddles.

Nest will seek to equip artisan ranchers with a fully outfitted, state- of-the-art workshop, access to upgraded production technology, and hands-on design training from respected industry professionals, so as to increase their production capacity and quality. Culminating in the formation of partnerships with respected and innovative retail brands at the forefront of the fashion and design industries, Nest will help position this outstanding leatherwork strategically within the contemporary marketplace.

Championing environmental conservation and the inherent connection of craft to land, Nest will assist in building existing partnerships between the American ranching community and local nature conservatories, setting a sustainable example for American ranchers far and wide.