Leadership Summit

For small global artisan businesses to grow and thrive in the exporting marketplace, their leaders must have access to training and support from high-level industry professionals. In 2014, Nest launched its first Artisan Leadership Summit to bring artisan leaders from around the world to New York City for training and mentorship from the home industry’s top experts. The Summit’s efforts to bridge the divide between global artisans and the exporting marketplace has been heralded by both The New York Times and WWD, and has inspired participation from the fashion and home industry’s most pioneering companies.

The Summit is created to empower artisan leaders with access to:


  • high-level mentorship from top industry professionals who provide hands-on, personalized training in design, financial literacy, production, quality control, marketing, sales, branding and communications
  • a nurturing peer-to-peer forum for sharing best practices with small artisan business leaders facing similar challenges to growth and sustainability
  • immersive education surrounding corporate culture and expectations of the exporting market, including store visits and in-house trainings hosted at brand headquarters across New York City