Veronica Rachiedo (Kenya)

Veronica is an entrepreneurial business owner, living and working in Kibera where she has risen through the ranks of Soko and is now a mentor to her peers.

Veronica began working as a receptionist at a bone craft company where she would help out at the workshop from time to time, from which she learned the fundamentals of bone crafting. Veronica launched her business through an initial order from Soko, and at the age of 32, she left her previous employer to branch out and start her own business. Through early training and product development sessions she learned about photography, product design and branding. Veronica began selling her products on the Soko website in 2013. This was the start of a great journey for her, now earning 8x what she previously made as a receptionist taking home $100/mo.

Her initiative and determination has led her to develop her business further, and with a boost from the Asset Financing program at Soko, she purchased more equipment for her workshop. She is now providing employment for three full-time artisans in her workshop, and in her free time supports a group of women in her community to develop high earning soldering skills.

By attending the Summit, Veronica hopes to learn more about new and different artistic designs trending globally and also gain more leadership and entrepreneurial skills.