Luis Heller (Peru)

Luis Heller is the Administration Manager of Allpa, a Peruvian WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) member, and has worked for the company for 12 years. Luis also serves as a board member of the WFTO and WFTO Latin American. Following a career in corporate management, Luis decided to shift his focus towards the Fair Trade business sector. Since beginning his work with Allpa, Luis has learned first hand the challenges that Fair Trade organizations must navigate in order to become more modern, efficient and socially responsible and to get closer to producer/artisans, clients and colleagues. Luis believes deeply that challenges in the sector are overcome through team collaboration, sharing ideas that drive innovation, and an ongoing commitment to provide high-quality products that adhere to Fair Trade standards and have universal appeal.

By attending the Nest Summit, Luis hopes to learn more about client expectations and improve the communication of ideas both internally with artisan producers as well as with brand and retail clients.