Chelsea Chee (United States)

Chelsea Chee is the Artisan Relations and Operations Manger for Etkie. She hails from Cedar Springs, AZ on the southwestern part of the Navajo Nation. She attended the University of New Mexico and has a Masters Degree in community planning.

The element she likes most about working with Etkie is being surrounded by beautiful handmade jewelry and the people who make them. She is proud to be working with a team that creates jobs for Native people, especially in a state where Native Americans have the lowest median individual and household income demographics in the country. Her favorite past time is spending time with family.

By attending the Summit, both Sydney and Chelsea hope to build a better network for Etkie; they are interested in learning 1. how partnerships are structured with larger retailers 2. how to these larger brands started and what key elements (funding, hiring, design, partnerships) helped them to scale.