Nest Artisan Guild

Artisan is far from niche! More than 400 artisan businesses are logging online with Nest in real-time to access exciting growth opportunities.

The Nest Guild is a Nest-organized global network of more than 400 artisan business based in over 50 countries around the world. While employing artisans practicing diverse crafts from shibori dying to hand reed weaving, Guild businesses are unified in their common goals for business growth and social improvement in their local communities.

Bridging gaps in language, distance, and opposite time zones, Nest supports the Guild with a custom suite of technology-embedded learning tools and pro-bono consulting designed to address the most common needs voiced by the artisan community. Serving as a hub of easy-to-access free webinar consultations, downloadable resource guides, expert personalized phone consultations, and intensive mentorship projects guided by Nest Professional Fellows, Nest is connecting and mobilizing the Guild with new opportunities for learning, collaboration, and growth.