Retail Partners

Maiyet is a modern luxury fashion brand that is deeply committed to forging partnerships with artisans to promote self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship in developing economies. Maiyet and Nest have entered into a strategic partnership in order to build capacity for artisan communities and celebrate craftsmanship as a powerful way to promote prosperity and stability throughout the world.

Maiyet and Nest continue to search globally for partner companies that exhibit strong leadership, are scalable, and can positively transform their communities. Through the guidance of industry experts and various fellowship programs, Nest implements training programs that include design direction, business & leadership development, and safety guidelines. Nest completes rigorous needs’ assessments of existing and potential partners, and through the provision of customized capacity building programs, Nest offers specific guidance on product, design, and skills, and hires experts where necessary to implement the training. This training and development focuses on companies in the developing world who exhibit comprehensive economic and humanitarian benefits to their communities with a goal to alleviate poverty, empower women and promote peace.

Maiyet is dedicated to raising funds to support Nest and is committed to purchasing goods from select companies that benefit from the partnership. Maiyet forms longterm, non-exclusive partnerships with companies and artisans, paying fair wages and advance deposits, enabling the communities to reap the benefits of a global marketplace.

Nest and Maiyet welcome partnership and support from other corporate and retail partners in their efforts to elevate an emerging generation of master craftsmen.