Nest Compliance for Homes & Small Workshops

“Nest could be a game-changer for brands, because right now there isn’t any way to accurately evaluate and monitor artisan supply chains for ethics and sustainability. Their methodology could enable brands like us to support artisan supply chains.” –Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness at Eileen Fisher, Inc.

While systems are in place to assess ethical compliance in four-walled factories, there is pressing need for industry-accepted Standards for ethical compliance in the homes, small workshops, and cottage industries of artisan production. This nuanced supply chain which often involves sub-contracting, piece rate payment structures, and a fluid workforce, requires a culturally sensitive approach to evaluation and cannot be measured in the same way a four-walled central facility can. In partnership with Nest’s Artisan Advancement Project Steering Committee of brands, Nest has created the first Ethical Compliance Standards for Artisans and Homeworkers that map directly to worker rights trainings and capacity building programs for this workforce.

The Nest Standards measure against Nest’s Code of Conduct for Artisans and Homeworkers, which spans the following categories:

  • Artisan Rights & Wellbeing
  • Transparent Records & Legal Compliance
  • Child Advocacy & Protection
  • Fair Compensation & Benefits
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Care
  • Production Performance